About Us:

Abilene Hockey is a Non-profit 501c3 outdoor roller hockey league in Abilene Texas. We have 2 official seasons, Fall and Spring, with activities in the off-season to help keep the love of the sport growing with our members and those who have never tried it before. We are located in Cal Young Park off of South 11th and T&P lane in East Abilene. The rink is open to the public anytime it isn’t being used for league purposes.

How we came to be:

Abilene Hockey was originally founded in 2001 under the name “Key City Hockey Association” and was ran under that name until 2019. It was at that time the board of directors decided to rename and rebrand the league to Abilene Hockey, to help market to the community and help give the league a fresh start as we looked to grow. After rebranding we have gained new members every season both locally and with new members from the region. Our farthest members traveling over an hour to come participate in league activities. We currently have 2 youth age divisions and an adult division; those will be broken down into more groups as we continue to grow. We have players skill levels ranging from brand new to players who have played at amateur levels.

Abilene Hockey Goals:

We want to help spread love for the game of hockey to Abilene and the surrounding area. To help build relationships with the community and to give back to those who have given so much to us. To help teach our player lessons and give them life skills that they can take and use in their lives moving forward.

Abilene Hockey Board

(Being updated!)

Josh Hamaty

Board Member

Jeremy Maynard


Jonathan Spencer

Vice Chairman

Jessica Marquiz


Jay Hyde

Dyess Liaison

Braid Blanks

Board Member

Angela Disley

Board Member

Dave Irwin

Board Member

Corey Kopas


Brittney Crump

Board Member

Trey Duncan

Board Member

LeighAnne Roemisch

Board Member